Safe Environment Policy for the Protection
of Children & Vulnerable Adults

for all Employees, Clergy, & Volunteers

Parish Contact: Miriam Schaefer – – (724) 539-8629 ext. 24

PA State Clearances

These Clearances Must be Completed every 5 years

(Click the Links below to Visit Each Clearance Website)

Child Abuse History Clearance

You will need to list where you have lived (address and at least the city) and with whom you have lived since 1975. Take care to enter the information correctly.

Pennsylvania Criminal History Record Check

This is the easiest to do. It takes only about 5 minutes. (This is a background check within the State of Pennsylvania)

Volunteer Affidavit (if you have lived in Pa for 10 consecutive years)

If you have lived in PA for 10 consecutive years, you need to sign an Affidavit and have it notarized in person. This can be done at the Parish Office. You do not need to sign the Affidavit if you have done the FBI Fingerprint Clearance.

FBI Fingerprint Clearance (if you have lived in Pa for less than 10 years)

The FBI Fingerprint form begins online and you will need to schedule an appointment for the fingerprinting with Identogo. Choose the Volunteer code: ​1KG6ZJ. We will reimburse you. If you have lived in PA for 10 consecutive years, you do not need fingerprints. Instead you can sign the Affidavit, please see above.

VIRTUS Training and Recertification

This takes about 1.5-2 hours. Please make sure when you are asked to choose your location, the first one is Diocese of Greensburg. The second one you should choose is Saint Vincent Basilica Parish Latrobe. We need to be able to print your certificate. The recertifications that occasionally come up can be found here as well.

Mandated Reporter Training & Code of Conduct

These Clearances Only need to be completed once

(Click the Links below to Visit Each Clearance Website)

Mandated Reporter Training

This training is about recognizing and reporting child abuse. This online training is the longest, but you don’t have to finish it all at once. After each section, it will ask if you want to take a break. Once completed you will need to print a certificate and mail it or drop it off at the Parish office.

Code of Conduct

You can print out the Code of Conduct and sign it, or you may sign it here at the Parish office. Please read the document, and then print and sign the last page.

If you have any questions or need assistance on completing your clearances, please DO NOT HESITATE to call or email me. I am happy to make an appointment with you to assist you in completing all of the necessary Clearances for the protection of all children and vulnerable adults at Saint Vincent Basilica Parish and in our local community.

Miriam Schaefer | | (724) 539-8629 ext. 24