Our Parish Festival is an opportunity to bring our community together in faith, fellowship, and fun. So together we pray…Through our Lord Jesus Christ, and the intercession of Saint Vincent de Paul, we pray our parish festival be a source of joy and outreach to each other, and our community. Father, give us the grace to see Jesus in each person we encounter and to be Jesus for each person we serve. Amen. 

2023 Festival

Celebrating the Spirit of Unity and Gratitude: A Heartfelt Thank You

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

I want to say to all the booth chairpersons, food preparation volunteers, and all of you who generously offered your time, talent, and treasure before and during our festival- THANK YOU!  Your selflessness and commitment to serving as a community united in Jesus Christ’s name made this festival an unforgettable experience.

Thank you to our corporate sponsors for their generous financial support and donations of goods and services to help make our day possible.  Please patronize these local businesses found in our festival ministry booklet located in the back of the church.

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to Fr. Richard for his outstanding leadership and unwavering vision for our parish, and in particular, our recent parish festival. His dedication to caring extends to all our parishioners and to the wider community. This is truly inspiring! His willingness to make a generous commitment to our local chapter of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Greater Latrobe was first perceived as a new concept and outside the box. But the reality is, this is exactly how we are to live and bless others. This shows Father Richards commitment to building our relationship with our neighbors, especially those less fortunate by being Christ to them.  This inspirational decision is at the heart of what I can only describe as a “revived parish”.  

As I reflect on our recent parish festival, I find myself filled with gratitude for the incredible support and unity we experienced as a parish community. When I was discussing the parishfestival with a friend, he listened attentively and then shared that it is not only an occasion for fun and enjoyment, but also an opportunity for evangelization – a chance to let Christ be woven into our hearts, minds, and lives. Our parish resonates our mission statement to “Pray – Love – Serve!”  I believe my friend’s reflection was spot on!  In my humble opinion, we came together to touch people’s lives in the true spirit of Saint Benedict.

Our Benedictine community came together to make our festival amazing!  Br. Gilbert Heaterwas an answer to our prayers and is nothing short of a miracle with his generosity.  He shared his life experiences and professional chef skills to plan and prepare a spectacular chicken dinner! His calm approach and willingness to teach our volunteers techniques were a treat for all of us to experience!  The high-quality dinners that were served under the chairmanship of Stephanie and Eric Butz and their family, created such a welcoming, fun atmosphere, manifesting our parish festival prayer of being Christ to all we encounter.

Thank you to Br. Bosco Hough, who coordinated DunkAMonk this year.  A fun twist was a water balloon toss, where the junior monks while seated in a chair could dodge the incoming balloon thrown by adults and kids alike and were surprised when the balloon didn’t pop and was thrown back at them!

Randy Redinger, our Corporate Donations Chairperson, fulfilled a new role reaching out to local businesses to support our festival and received wonderful results.  I can’t thank Randy and his entire family enough for their generosity and commitment of time and energy to our parish mission, especially escorting guests to the festival through the van and golf cart shuttles.  

Andrea Kovalcin and her team developed new systems to handle reservations for the chicken dinner and kept our donations organized.

The word spread about our festival with the assistance of Meredith Saunders, who shared the good news with our followers on social media and encouraged others to be a part of our community event.  

Larry Sweeney, starting his second year as The Grove manager, transformed it into a place of peace and tranquility through his tireless labor of love.  He created a beautiful environment for community gatherings.  Larry mentored a crew of regular volunteers including his wife, Marlene, to add the finishing touches where needed and to share a good laugh.  And to Rob Lowe for coordinating the Adelphi teens for the festival set-up/tear-down and managing and repairing our ice and beverage dispensers.

To the parish staff, thank you not only for your ministry in serving our parish community, but being witnesses of Christ to everyone you encounter, whether in person or on the phone. Your daily commitment to our parishioners is essential to our ever-growing parish family.

A personal note of thanks to my family, especially my wife, Erin, who has been incredibly patient while I worked on organizing our parish festival, creating new QR codes, and handling registration forms.  Her unwavering support is invaluable in supporting me and our parish. She is a true treasure in my life!

With our renewed unity, faith, fellowship, and fun that we fostered during this festival let us pray: Through our Lord Jesus Christ and the intercession of Saint Vincent Paul, we pray our parish festival will be a source of joy and outreach to each other and our community. Father, give us the grace to see Jesus in each person we encounter and to be Jesus for each person we serve. Amen.

With heartfelt gratitude, Dan Colcombe

Festival Sponsors



Thank you to our sponsors. All of our sponsorship spots have been filled.

Announcements & Updates

Remaining Scheduled Drop Off Dates At The Grove For The Following Donations:
Basket Booth, Giving Tree, Peddlers Village, Dime Pitch, Jewelry Booth
Mondays – 1:00-3:00 pm, July 10th
Wednesdays – 4:00-6:00 pm, July 12th
Thursdays 1:00-4:00pm, July 13th
Saturdays- 1:00-3:00pm. July 15th

A Special Message

Dear Friends,

A church, a parish, is a kind of beacon in the confusing landscape of our present times.  Many people have mentioned that they feel uplifted just by seeing the Basilica from a distance as they travel to work or go about their daily errands.  The building is kind of a sacrament – an outward sign –  of the believing community – a community called together by Jesus Christ.

Jesus poured out the Spirit upon his disciples.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit are ways in which the followers of Jesus continue his work in the world.  We are called to bring light, healing, reconciliation, food, and clothing to the poor and needy of our area:  we are to be light of the world.

When we support a parish, we support the Lord’s work.  Specialized staff members take charge of different aspects of our service to others.  Parishioners volunteer in the community – at the Saint Vincent de Paul store – and in all sorts of projects to help the less fortunate of our community.  Often our work calls us to look beyond our own boundaries and to collaborate with other parishes, and even with other Christian Churches.

There is an old saying – “by helping the preacher, you receive the same blessings as the preacher”.  Here at festival time your participation and generosity help us help others.  May the Lord bless you for your kindness.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Richard Ulam, OSB

Fr. Richard has decided that a portion of our blessings from this year’s festival proceeds will bless others as well by supporting our parish patron’s ministry, the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Latrobe.

During the flood of August 2022, 18 families were helped with appliances and building materials from Lowes which was approximately $34,000  They also paid electricity bills, gave vouchers, and bought mattresses and box springs totaling approximately $3,000. 11 Families were able to go to the Latrobe store and get whatever they needed at no charge. Oftentimes, families in need come to the store with a voucher from another non-profit organization. St. Vincent de Paul honors the voucher with no reimbursement.

Food & Activities

Chicken Dinner

Please make your reservation now for you and your family for “Fr. Richards Stuffed Chicken Dinner.” Father Richard has made a fun promotional video with a few special guests. Both Dine In & Take Out are available once you tap the button. By making your reservation now you help us prepare for our guests and prevent waste.

Fr Richard’s Stuffed Chicken Dinner Menu:

  • Fresh garden salad with assorted dressings
  • Roast chicken breast with home-made herb stuffing and Suprême sauce
  • Honey dill green beans
  • Buttery mashed potatoes
  • Fresh-baked dinner rolls
  • Assorted sliced cakes with buttercream icing
  • Dine-in beverage choices are iced tea, lemonade, water, coffee, and hot tea. Bottled water is included with take-out dinners.
Click on the play button below to watch the video.
Play Video

Fill Out Form. No “sign-in” needed.

Additional Activities

Food Booths:
Hamburger and Fries, Haluski, Pierogis, Pizza, Ice Cream, Popcorn

Food Trucks:
Hot Sausage, BBQ pulled pork, etc., Funnel Cakes, Deep Fried Oreos, Cotton Candy, Lemonade

Special Area:
“Area 21”  by All Saints Brewing

The shaded seating area will also be expanding with covered tents for dining.

Musical entertainment will be provided.

Chilli Pepper Therapy Horse


You can sign up weekends through July 16 to offer your time and talents at our Parish Festival.  You can volunteer in a number of ways – from BINGO to the expanded Kids Zone, from parking attendant to Specialty Foods and more! There is a place for everyone to support our Parish Festival.  Visit the Assembly Room following all weekend Masses to sign-up in person, or contact Dan Colcombe at dancolcombe@gmail.com with the area with which you would like to assist and your t-shirt size.  

We are in need of a chairperson to oversee both the BINGO booth and BINGO workers. If you enjoy BINGO, consider volunteering for a period of time that works for you.

ALL volunteers need clearances to be in compliance with diocesan and state guidelines. Clearances are mandatory to volunteer any parish ministry. Contact Stacie Ridilla at Parish Office (724-539-8629 x 11) to complete or renew your clearances.

Service Hours For Students

Service Hours are available for our diocese school students.  7th and 8th graders and all high school students are needed to help at the upcoming Saint Vincent Parish Festival.  The date of the festival is Saturday, July 22 from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.  

Location:  The Saint Vincent Grove.  320 Monastery Drive, Latrobe PA 15650

Volunteers are encouraged to work a few hours.  Please follow this link to register to volunteer at the festival and receive service hours.  

Erin Colcombe – Director of Faith Formation for Saint Vincent Parish or Dan Colcombe – Festival Chairperson can sign off on your hours after your shift is over.  Please bring your form from your school.

Volunteers Register Here:

There are many opportunities for service from food runners at Fr. Richards chicken dinner, table clearing at the “Gathering Tent”, “Kidz Zone” and more.  *You may be asked to help in multiple areas during your time depending on our guests’ needs and to keep it interesting!  

You will see this box near the top of the form (pictured below).  Please select from the “Floating Volunteer” box the time you would be available to participate.  

Near the bottom of the registration form you will see these series of questions.  Please answer them as shown below.

Upcoming Events

One conflict that seems to have turned into a blessing was the date change of the car show. Due to the limitation of parking and conflicts with the sponsors’ work schedule, we are now having a “Burger Bash & Car Show” scheduled at the Grove on September 30 from 12:00pm – 5:00pm. It seemed everyone enjoyed the cars, and this will give our parish community another opportunity to gather for some fun and fellowship.

Thank You

Contact Information

To sign up or if you should have any festival questions or concerns please contact:

Dan Colcombe



2023 Volunteer Festival Chairperson