Support Groups


Contact: Teri Pomerleau

724-539-8629, ext. 15/

This group provides emotional support for parishioners and non-parishioners who experience the death of a loved one. Members accompany one another through their grief journey with the help of a facilitator.  There are also guest speakers during the holidays.  The group meets in the Parish Center Conference Room on the 4th Monday of each month. 



Contact: Teri Pomerleau

724-539-8629, ext. 15/

The Divorce Support Group meets weekly for 13 weeks.  At each session, members view a short video, then discuss with the group the topic of the video and how it applies to their situations. Through the group discussions, members accompany one another while working through the grief, doubt, anger and stress brought about by the end of their marriage relationships. Group size is limited to 10 and registration is required. The next session is scheduled for March 23 – June 15, 2022.  Contact Teri for more information or go to


Contact: Meredith Saunders

The Support Group’s specific goal is to provide families of children and adults with special needs a strong faith¬filled support program and to help them feel accepted in the Parish and community.
Various activities are scheduled each month such as an evening of prayer, bowling, swimming, summer picnic, hayride and holiday parties.

Skills or Talents for Volunteers:
One who is skilled in crafts and art.

Time Commitment Involved:
Two hours once per month for meetings that are held every third Sunday at 4:00 pm at the Saint Vincent Grove. Also, help with the craft show that is held the first Sunday in November each year.

How This Ministry Can Positively Affect Lives:
The Support Group encourages participation in the Parish by persons with special needs and invites people with special needs in the Parish to come and join them.