Welcome to Saint Vincent Basilica Parish

Safety Plan for Attending Mass
If you plan to join us in-person we need your help and patience as we adjust to the new realities of our worship experience.

Here's what you can do to help:

When Doors Open

The doors to the Basilica will be open 30 minutes before each Mass to allow for proper sanitization.

Wear a mask

Please wear a mask, covering your nose and mouth before entering the Basilica and keep it on throughout the entire Mass.

Listen to Ushers

Ushers and Hospitality Ministers are here to help you and your family navigate the seating arrangements!

Social Distance

Families are permitted to sit together. Ushers will seat families and individuals in every other pew. The Sign of Peace is limited to a wave or a nod.

Receiving the Eucharist

Follow the directions of the nearest Usher and stand on the yellow labels on the floor as you walk. Please help everyone by receiving the Eucharist in the hand.


The back rows will dismiss first in an orderly fashion. If we reach our allotted capacity, an additional Mass will take place in the Crypt at the same time.

More Directions on Receiving the Eucharist

We will start with the center of the Church from the front pews to the back in the center aisle. The yellow labels on the Basilica floor will indicate the safe distance between each communicant. Return to pews via side aisle. Then the Side Aisle pews go to the back of the church  and proceed to communion using the center aisle, returning to their pews via the side aisle. The Communion "dialog" will take place wearing a mask:  "The Body of Christ ...  Amen."  Then the communicant will   receive the host in the hand, step to the side, consume the host, re-attach their mask and return to their pew as directed by ushers and hospitality ministers.

Have additional questions?

(724) 539-8629