Parishioners planning to be married in the Basilica are to make arrangements at least six months before the wedding. Please call Holly at 724-539-8629, ext. 10 for information on reserving a date. There is a lot of paperwork to be completed and legal work to be done. It can be a painless trek if you understand the requirements of the Catholic Church. Unlike the common, everyday civil marriage, the aspect of covenant and sacrament will play a key role. A covenant is a serious and permanent commitment, and there are programs in place to help you and your intended spouse begin to learn about “what it takes” to be married.

Marriage Preparation

Formal preparation of engaged couples is essential for married life. In addition to working with the priest or deacon officiating at the wedding, couples participate in one of two marriage preparation programs:

Sponsor Couples are Catholic married couples trained to “journey with” engaged couples as they prepare for lifelong commitment of marriage. Saint Vincent offers a process through which a selected married couple from the parish meets with an engaged couple over a period of several weeks. The setting is friendly and informal, while each engaged couple gets personal attention in reviewing the many facets of married life.

Sponsor couples utilize the marriage preparation guide “For Better and Forever” and can be scheduled by contacting Kristina Davies at, or 724-539-8629, x 19.

For Better and Forever books can be purchased as a set from Saint Vincent Parish.

Engaged Encounter is a weekend program that begins on a Friday evening and ends Sunday afternoon. This program offered through the Diocese is under national auspices and is led by two or more married couples with up to twenty-five engaged couples in attendance. Engaged Encounter format provides time for couples to reflect and discuss with each other the issues presented during the weekend.

Engaged Encounter, Diocese of Greensburg,

Marriage Enrichment

The Catholic Church teaches that marriage is the permanent, faithful union of one man and one woman. The Catholic Bishops’ website, For Your Marriage provides helpful resources to support Christian marriage and family. See more specific links below:

Dating and Engagement

Parenting and Family

For Every Marriage

Resources for Marriage

Marriage Support


There are times, however, when issues and pressures become so great that they affect the communication of love and respect that was once the hallmark of a loving relationship. All relationships take work, and in differing amounts at different times. Without the necessary care and attention, marriages can wither and couples can slowly and quietly drift apart. Sometimes, too, the rift is so large that it seems as if the marriage is hopelessly lost.
For more information on how to help a troubled marriage, visit The Counseling Center at Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Greensburg.

Marriage Annulments

Marriage Requirements in the Diocese of Greensburg