March Mass-ness

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the March 18 live presentation has been cancelled, however the session has been recorded and will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned to find out if the April sessions will be live or recorded!


Sharing CHRIST

Please join us at the Saint Vincent Parish Assembly Room for Following Christ on Tuesdays from April 21 until May 26 with a retreat day on Saturday, May 30.

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Sharing Christ trains those who have completed Discovering Christ and Following Christ to share Jesus with others and invite them to become members of the Church.  The course focuses on personal or friendship evangelization. We share our relationship with Jesus with people in our day-to-day encounters.  We will develop methods and actions to do this, but more than that, the goal is to develop an attitude of heart that moves us to be open to share the Good News we have experienced anytime, anywhere.

Session topics are: 1.Called to Share Christ 2.Befriending Others, 3.Sharing Your Story, 4.The Power to Share Christ, 5.Presenting the Good News, 6. Inviting Others to Meet Jesus, 7. (Retreat) Put Out into the Deep for a Catch

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For more information, go to  or contact Kristina Davies at or 724-539-8629, ext. 19.